I understand that feeling, walking into a jewellery store in search of the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. The unfamiliar environment and anticipation of proposing is not something you do every day, so it’s natural to be nervous. Fortunately for you, I have put together the ultimate guide to a stress-free selection process. Take a deep breath, follow my tips and enjoy finding the perfect engagement ring for your significant other.

Educate yourself

Educating yourself doesn’t mean becoming a diamond specialist or gemologist overnight.  We have all seen images of or heard references such as ‘Diamonds are girl’s best friend’ ‘Diamonds are forever’ & ‘Diamond heart’, but what is a diamond? Why are they so valuable? 

Diamonds are assessed against the standards created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They are known as the 4C’s; Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.  These categories are used to grade a diamond, determining how much it will cost through establishing size and quality.  It is wise to find a professional to walk you through these standards, as they have the greatest impact on the overall cost of a diamond ring.

Set your Budget

It is very important to establish a budget before shopping around for your beloved one's perfect ring. This not only helps you eliminate expensive choices, such as custom made designs but also prevents being overwhelmed by endless selections. Moreover, your budget determines the quality and size of the materials used for both the rings stones and its metal band.

Ring size

Determining your partner’s ring size requires great care if you don’t want them to be aware of it.  A sudden interested in her rings or questions like ‘ What is your ring size bae?’ Will definitely make her suspicious.

The best way is to wait for a moment your partner is not around, grab one of her rings (try to find one she wears on her ring finger) and take it to the jeweller for a professional measurement. Do not forget to take a note of her size for future anniversary gifts.

Setting and style

There is not really a right or wrong choice of a setting or style, it all depends on your taste and your future wife’s preferences.

The possibilities and choices are endless.


Style is all to do with your partner’s preference. Is she a more of a classic girl? Romantic? Contemporary or a Vintage lover?


Engagement rings come in various metals and colours, listed below are some of the most popular.

Gold has various colour options such as white, yellow and rose gold. As gold is too soft on its own, so it is mixed with other metals, giving different grades of gold purity leading to different levels of pricing.

Platinum is very durable, however, it is much more expensive than its white gold equivalent. Sterling silver Is another popular option, a lot less expensive than both gold and platinum, although it is not advised when setting diamonds. Consider her other jewellery to help determine which metal type and colour she would like most.


As I mentioned earlier, the price determines the overall style of the ring.
For example, A settings with multiple diamonds, such as a halo ring, can require long hours of craftsmanship, becoming more expensive.

This doesn’t mean a single diamond will be less expensive, large single diamonds hold much greater value than multiple small diamonds, as the size is the biggest influence on diamond price.

Halo ring:

A diamond or other gemstone in the centre with smaller stones surrounding it, often with diamonds on the band as well.

Three-stone engagement ring: 

These rings feature three diamonds on the band, usually, the middle diamond is the largest.

Solitaire setting: 

The most traditional style, where a single stone or diamond sits on a plain metal band.