(bɪˈspəʊk) 1. made to the customer’s specifications


Choose an existing design that you love, bring in an heirloom piece to repurpose, or start from scratch with a design made exclusively for you. We will guide you through the best choice of gemstones or diamonds, and source them specifically to meet your personal style. We will take the time to discuss your needs and guide you to create a piece that you will cherish forever. 


This is the fun part where we will guide you through the most appropriate gems selection. As a gemologist you will have the advantage of the very prestigious knowledge and eye for the best selection of diamonds or gemstones for your forever piece. We will then provide a design to visualise better the final piece.


The fabrication begins using both advanced technology and skilful artisans. This stage requires love, time and devotion. 

When we are satisfied that the piece is perfect we take pleasure in presenting it to you in our finest jewelry packaging to complete your bespoke service experience with Politia.

We look forward to creating your dream jewelry!