So far this year has been very different than we imagined. Hard times bring us sadness but it is important for us to also maintain hope and healthy minds. A little sparkle always helps to lift our mood. Here we share our 'Everyday Jewellery Trends for 2020'  to bring you some sparkle too. Dainty and gold jewelry will always be timeless choices but this year the trend is all about statement pieces. For 2020 and the next few years, bolder rings, chunky chains and pieces with colored gemstones will be the new jewelry fashion.

1. Diamond Huggies

This year Huggies are definitely center stage. Perfect for everyday wear, these diamond earrings have plenty of sparkle. The ultimate piece to take you from work through to evening wear.

Jewelry Trends 2020 Diamond Huggie Earrings

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2. Statement rings

Rings that are made with colored gemstones, different shapes and with modern settings are here to replace traditional pieces.

Jewelry Trends 2020 Statement Rings

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Toi & Moi Ring

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3. Link chain bracelets and necklaces

Link chain bracelets and necklaces are perfect for layering and add just the right amount of edge to your jewelry look. Every fashion expert will tell you these are the new must-have jewelry pieces.

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4. Pearls different ways

Pearls have been a popular trend for several seasons now but it is time to wear them with new designs. From modern earrings which looks like safety pins, to colorful necklaces with beaded gems.

 Unique Pearl Jewelry


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5. Mix & Match Earrings

Instead of matching earrings, you need to consider investing in pieces that you can wear in multiple ways, mix them up, or wear just one piece.

Jewelry Trends 2020 Mix & Match Earrings

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