Looking after your Engagement Ring: 5 Don'ts

Keep your diamond ring in great condition and extend its lifespan by following our simple guide of things not to do whilst wearing one of you most prized possessions. 5 Don'ts to to keep it looking beautiful

1. Don't apply creams or lotion whilst wearing it

Applying lotions, or any other kind of perfumes while wearing you engagement ring will make it look dirty and can make the metal lose its shine and lustre very quickly. Lotions tend to hide under the prongs or the band attracting dirt and grime. A build up under your diamond can make it lose its sparkle and brightness. 

2. Don't wear it whilst cleaning 

It makes sense to remove your engagement ring when you need to clean the house. Several chemicals can be damaging and corrosive for the ring especially for the metal. Chlorine, nail polish remover, bleach or any household chemicals should not get in contact with your engagement rings as they can tarnish the surface. Just make sure that you put is somewhere safe when you take it off. 


3. Don't wear it During Vigorous Sports. 

Activities that need your hands like volleyball, or weightlifting in the gym can bend and break the prongs that hold your stone in place. Even jogging or any other activities could harm your ring without noticing it. Be careful not to knock your ring as this can dislodge your stone and you could end up losing it. 

4. Don’t wear it in Water

if you are not sure about the size , or you don’t want to feel your engagement ring too tight on your finger then you should take it off when swimming. Firstly , you should take it off in swimming pools because of the chlorine and secondly because water makes it easier for your ring to slip off.  I have brides or even grooms walking into the store and sharing a story of how they lost their wedding bands or engagement ring in the water, don't let that be you.

5. Don't Leave it Unchecked. 

Any normal activity , over the years can  loosen your prongs and put your stone in danger of falling out. Our recommendation is to have regular checks every 10-12 months with the ‘doctor’ of your engagement ring to be sure and safe.  It's also great opportunity to have your ring cleaned at the same time. However there is way to clean your ring at home as well, read our jewellery care instructions