Engagement Ring Styles

An engagement ring is an everlasting symbol of your love for each other. So what style will you or your partner want to love for a lifetime too? Choice of gemstone and metal may be the obvious things to think about when starting your selection but engagement ring styles is maybe the most important consideration.

Be it a simple (yet outstanding) solitaire or a more sophisticated design that pays homage to an earlier time, these classic engagement ring styles are a guaranteed way to make a statement without risking the chance of ever becoming outdated or unfashionable. For the bride-to-be who wants something eternally on trend, here are three classic engagement ring settings that stand the test of time.


Solitaire Rings

Solitaire is a classic choice for an engagement ring. As the name suggests it is a ring with a solo gemstone - a simple style which places your chosen gemstone as center-stage. A clean band which, here at Politia, we tend to keep delicate in order to accentuate the center stone. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the traditional choice, but brides-to-be nowadays are seeking something less usual and often choose fancy shape diamonds.

A solitaire engagement ring also pairs well with an eternity ring, so it makes a good choice if you like to stack multiple rings. Or if you prefer something a little more, vary a solitaire with the addition of small stones on the band.Politia Jewelry Cyprus Engagement Ring Styles


Halo Rings

Halo rings are another popular style of engagement ring, especially for women who like vintage appeal and extra sparkle. A halo engagement ring surrounds your centre gemstone with a 'halo' of diamonds and makes the diamond to look bigger. Combined with a diamond or another gemstone, this style has real impact.


At Politia we love a more subtle style with a 'hidden' halo - it is a variation we love. It is the perfect solitaire / halo mix. 

Colored Engagement Rings

White diamond is a traditional choice for engagement rings but diamonds are available in other colors too. Pink, yellow and even chocolate colored diamonds are alternate choices and offer something unique for you or your bride-to-be. And of course other colored precious gemstones can be equally stunning. Sapphires are often favored by royalty and are also available in colors other than the typical blue. At Politia Jewelry we specialise in sourcing unusual gemstones and creating unique engagement ring styles with them. Our green emerald hidden halo design shown above is especially popular.

 All our engagement rings are made especially to order at Politia Jewelry. We can work with any of the styles above and many more including Cluster style and Twist style engagement rings. Or we can create a style completely unique to you.

 This GIA guide shares some of the questions we will explore with you during an engagement ring design consultation. We proudly hold GIA (Gemonology Institute of America) certification and can advise you further on all points in this article.

If you are Cyprus based we would love to welcome you to our boutique to discuss your engagement ring wishes with you. We will talk you through the options for gold colour, band sizing, gemstone choice(s), gemstone cut and the all important engagement ring style. Get in touch to make an appointment for your personal consultation.

If you are further afield or prefer an initial enquiry before a full consultation please e-mail us info@politiajewelry.com and we will guide you through some early ideas and pricing. Browse our Ring Collection  to see more of our gemstones and designer style. We look forward to speaking with you soon.